MLB Delivers April Fool's Joke to Fans With Funny Instagram Post

a screenshot of a cell phone: MLB Prank © Image by Sam Chinitz MLB Prank

​April Fool's Day has inspired a number of quality ​pranks in the sports world, and Major League Baseball got in on the fun with an Instagram post.

Captioned, "THE PLAY OF THE SEASON ALREADY?!" the league linked up a video that many expected to be an amazing highlight.

​​The video was actually just a never-ending loading circle and an April Fool's day prank from the league.

Baseball has been a part of some funny pranks over the years including ​Terry Francona's Spring Training shenanigans and the notorious Sidd Finch prank from Sports Illustrated.

​​Hopefully the MLB didn't have fans staring at their screens waiting for the highlight for too long, but comments on the post suggest that the league tricked many with their funny prank.


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