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This over-the-correct gaming notebook is an engineering wonder

a circuit board 
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after I first noticed the Maingear F131 with my own eyes, I knew it become in contrast to any gaming laptop I had ever constructed or seen on display. This selected configuration I've been the use of prices basically $8,000, which is well out of the finances of most computer game enthusiasts, nevertheless it's primarily a show off for the case and Maingear's entertaining open-loop cooling gadget referred to as APEX. That gadget may also be introduced to way more low-budget configurations (beginning at $1,920 for an Intel chipset or $1,699 for AMD's Ryzen) for $300.
those costs appear even more attractive if you happen to trust the incontrovertible fact that the recognition of cryptocurrency mining has inflated GPU expenditures — which makes it cheaper to buy a gaming computer than it's to build your personal, unluckily.
every F131 is hand-assembled in New Jersey, then shipped out in heavy-responsibility bins across the globe, which partly inspired the entertaining cooling mix that Maingear CEO Santos Wallace was unwilling to absolutely expose the formula of. at the start, Maingear had difficulties shipping liquid-cooled pcs in chillier climates since the coolant would freeze inside of the reservoir and pipes. The custom mix found in the F131 comprises antifreeze to evade this difficulty.

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Maingear all started off with the aid of making a custom acrylic slab to contain the liquid, thus fending off a few of the nuisances of liquid cooling. It shelters the non-conductive liquid faraway from the vigor supply and has without problems available valves for draining and refilling the liquid for upkeep. youngsters, if 360mm copper core radiators and a customized liquid cooling setup aren't sufficient in your gaming or heavy processing needs, then there's what Maingear calls metallic hardline tubing — it's with no trouble nickel-plated metal tubing which dissipates extra warmth from the coolant, therefore making it just as effective because it is aesthetic.
When hardline tubing, APEX cooling, and three case enthusiasts are used along side the hexacore Core i7 processor and GTX 1080Ti graphics SLI setup, the result is an almost inaudible gaming computer, which simplest runs a bit warm under strain. It's uncanny.
if you take a step again and look at the internals of the F131, you'll note anything odd about all that tubing (metallic or otherwise): no longer most effective does it operate with twin pumps as a fail-protected, however's pressure-regulated and runs in parallel from the reservoir. in the case of this rig, APEX cools the SLI setup containing two GTX 1080Ti pictures playing cards, independently, rather than sharing coolant between both (as is the case with most different liquid-cooled systems).
additionally, simply in the event you had been questioning how customizable the F131 is, that you would be able to customized-order the case with customized hues or snap shots or request coolant in white, pink, green, blue, yellow, or a customized colour.

a circuit board 
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Of course, it would be wrong to not consist of the whole specs of this $eight,000 F131, so here it goes: it has an Intel Core i7 8700K 6-core 3.7GHz/4.7GHz (Maingear overclocks it to 5GHz); 32GB of DDR4 RAM; two NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti playing cards; a 512GB Samsung NVMe SSD; 4TB usual challenging drive; MSI Z370M gaming motherboard; a 1200W EVGA Supernova vigor give; and at last leftover house for an non-compulsory 12x ASUS Blu-ray power.
With specs like that, the F131 is very nearly future-proof for at least the subsequent one to two years, however Maingear tells me the F131 is designed to be serviced each five years. actually, sturdiness is ingrained within the chassis and specs of the F131, and it suggests. The case itself is made from server-grade metal, with a metallic filter on desirable of the case which will also be eliminated for pursuits cleanings.
Of the F131's many bells and whistles, the provided RF remote for changing the RGB LED case lights is my favourite. that you would be able to select static shades as well as distinct lighting modes that latitude from pulsing lights to waves during the entire colour spectrum. which you can additionally simply shut it all off, so the most effective mild emerging from the F131's glass window is from the RAM's blinking indicators.
How is the F131 for taking part in video games? as well as you'd predict a laptop of this caliber, at 60 fps, a hundred and twenty fps, or a hundred and forty four fps. while most new and widely wide-spread laptop game titles don't have native help for SLI photographs, a single GTX 1080Ti is greater than sufficient to drive 1080 or 1440p displays at max decision, and the preferred a hundred and twenty / 144Hz refresh price. Gaming in 4K on a single 1080Ti is viable, but this continually happens at 30–75Hz, because of present gaming computer screen barriers.
in case you're available in the market for a gaming computer or an editing powerhouse, APEX cooling appears like a good concept considering the advantages are a quiet, cool, and robust system that hardly ever needs renovation. The F131's leading shortcoming is its pricing; APEX is $299 extra together with the hardline pipes that assist SLI, which is a different $399 on suitable of APEX. It's a troublesome pill to swallow, but the effects communicate for themselves.
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