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Toz Antonion Piretti - Heroes #Flyah Review

"following passions.. a step in heaven a step in hell.. music is to share emotions, songs are messages to communicate experiences & beliefs".
Antonio is a singer-songwriter with Italian roots and an international spirit. He started his music project in Italy in ’06. In ’09 he came to Canada, changing his life completely, from a business suit & tie to a guitar & lyrics. In Toronto, music became his way of living.. being also a licensed musician for the subway system (TTC), joining gospel churches and acting for theatrical plays. Nowadays he can be found on any kind of stage in venues, festivals, churches, theaters.
He released 4 albums, demos, singles and performed in more than 360 gigs among Canada, USA, UK, Italy, France, Belgium, and Germany. Last releases: "#Stronger" in '18, ”In 10 Years” in ‘14 - ”My Name Is Not Important” in ‘12 - ”Acoustic Italian Versions” in ‘10.
Antonio writes music sharing messages to encourage people to live a better life and care about one another. 
in this spirit, he has founded in '14 "Art Takes Action for Charity" to organize art events to support charitable projects.
In '15, Antonio did a milestone music tour "Roommates of the Same Planet": a Canadian coast to coast from Sep to Oct '15 performing in 22 shows a new show format: "Audio Visual" a live performance in which music & screened videos melt together to amplify the messages of the songs and to create a unique intense atmosphere.
In '16, he had set off on a European tour adventure: "Unconventional Tour". The tour brought him to 9 countries all over Europe, playing 23 concerts from May to the end of December '16.
In '17 Antonio's biggest challenge - "from the Roots in the Right Direction"  a bike & a guitar - from Vancouver to Halifax - 120 km each day - from mid April to mid July 2017, from the roots, combining the naturalness and the purity of biking with the most natural way of singing, just voice and guitar, bringing music among people for #Canada150. In the same year, from August to mid-September, another adventurous tour "EnjoyWild " merging music & adventure, in the best rafting & outdoor sport activity centers across Italy

#Stronger, the new album has been released on January 10th 2018...!!! 
currently learning piano, drinking tea, writing new songs and planning the promotion for the new release.
..from a poem to a song, from a street to any kind of stage... if you'll be able to see everything when there’s nothing yet.. then, we'll be in tune...


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