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Erin Cookman - Medusa #Flyah Review

With a love for music from a very young age, Erin Cookman was singing at only 5 years old. Although she penned her first full song at 9, it wasn’t until she picked up a guitar at 12 that things began to really take shape. Putting together her catalog as she grew and evolved as a songwriter, Cookman released her debut album entitled Ha Ha Ha in 2013 and followed it up with 2015’s Miss Shitskey. The Medusa album, her most in depth and mature record yet, is a testament to where she is at with her sound right now.
With the release of the full length Medusa album, Erin Cookman combines a few classic genres to breed a sound all her own.  Laced with addicting progressions, an edgy but soulful vocal approach, and plenty of pop sensibility, the record boasts the aesthetic of alternative folk anthems.
The first single and title track, “Medusa”, pulls you in with its infectious attitude, followed by its hard hitting chorus complete with rolling snares and passionate vocal harmonies exemplifying  the songs ability to breathe as it plays on.
“The track 'Medusa', was written about SSRIS and my borderline personality disorder diagnosis specifically, and it stands as the introduction the album. As a track, it is a 'coming to terms' with my mental illness and beginning to take control over my mind again. I took the time to orchestrate this song (and this album) and get them to the point I had always heard them in my head. The creative process on this one was very fulfilling. This song and this album reflect the environment of my life these past few years. It really conceptualized itself, but the goal that I set for myself was to challenge my songs to utilize my vocal range and to begin growing and honing my craft.” explains the songwriter of her single.
Although the single does speak volumes for the album, to get a real understanding for where Cookman is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety.
Medusa (as an album) tells the story of a mentally ill person who just had her 3rd abusive relationship wrap itself up. In the twilight of the new dawn to come, she wonders who she will be moving forward, and grapples with her own mortality and trying to live a life with purpose, of trying to truly affect good change. ‘Medusa’ (as a track) is the 'call to battle'. It's calling a spade a spade in harsh lighting, and no longer being afraid of the outcome. ” says Cookman ofcreating her body or works.


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