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Hip-Hop fans listen to Metallica For the primary Time And Get Hooked

a man holding a guitar 

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response video clips are the entire rage on YouTube. Ever considering the nice Brothers created an internet franchise with their REACT channel, suddenly everyone is leaping on the bandwagon and recording response video clips of themselves. 
a standard response class is with track, and a fashion inside this sub-style of reactions contains hip-hop fanatics going outdoor their consolation zones and reacting to rock and metal. And what more suitable band to wreck them in than Metallica?

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  • We gathered a large choice of YouTubers and their reactions to well-known Metallica songs. As happy as we are to witness others experiencing the joy and majesty that is rock and metallic, we would like a person would have told these hip-hop fans that you simply not ever, ever, ever, ever pause within the middle of a Metallica guitar solo! savour!