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How to market your music the right way.

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               So you have a single, mixtape or album ready to be in the ears of the listeners?  Great.  The biggest step that needed to be taking care of is complete.  Hopefully you took your time to make the best music possible with your talent.  Now the question is How to market your music? Today a musician can get wrapped up in a ball of confusion when it comes to this topic, but one thing is for sure ''you need the right people to hear your new tunes''.  If you are new to the music world it will be a little difficult to get people to pay you attention, so the way you brand yourself will have a great impact.  A person with a low budget music video looks like a amateur compared to artist with professional 4k footage, therefore making hard to convert the listener into a fan.  Rule number one is to make sure you are authentic and original.  It separate from the pack and at the same time it will bring you investors and opportunities.  

              Many music advisers will tell you to always start with your friends and family.  That is a basic idea but it has pros and cons.  Your closest ones will sometimes be bias, and not give you the honest truth.  On the other hand they will also support you by sharing with others.  Social media seems like a great place to start your music career.  One of my biggest mistakes when I first started posting on social media was being spammy with my music.  People need to know you as a artist but first they need to know you as a person.  Posting things like pictures of you and your friends, or what you had for dinner will build a closer relationship with new listeners because it shows them you are human just like them.  The right mixture will surely make a big difference in your strategy.

               Believe it or not radio magazines and blogs still have a say so when it comes to who is popular or not.  The people that read, visit or listen to these publications are greatly influenced by what the publication is co signing. Honestly these publications can become very costly if not approached the right way.  That's why companies like MusicSubmit and : Radio Promotion Worldwide can become the go to move to expand your audience.  Before you submit to publications make sure you have music distribution with a reputable company like Tunecore so that all of your music will be available worldwide in stores like iTunes, Amazon and more.  A musician also should have their own website.  Here you can build a email list to stay in contact with your fans.  Email is one of the most effective forms of promotion and is great for strengthening relationships with your fans.  Send them free songs and discounted products from time to time to keep them engaged.  Also you can offer a free download to keep them to join your email list.

               Another way to market your music is by collaborations.  If you made a song with a popular musician think about how you will gain some of their fans.  The music industry is about team work so don't be shy and reach out to the world of talent.  I promise you with great skills, a decent budget and dedication your music will be known in no time


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