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Withering Blooms - I Never Loved Your Mind #Flyah Review

Referring to themselves as a band of brothers, Withering Blooms all grew up in the Pacific Northwest and consists of actual brothers Elliot and Calvin Dix(guitar, keys, vocals), Sigfried Wynkoop (drums, vocals), Jake DeGuzman (guitars, vocals), Austin Spraggins (keys, vocals), and Jackson Green (bass). Starting off as a college music project, the band attained their lineup and began taking things seriously. The chemistry speaks for itself on the newly released “Cast in Confusion” record, and it stands as a testament to where the band is with their sound right now.
Upon releasing the "Cast In Confusion" EP, Withering Blooms  manages to take on a few classic genres and blend them together bringing on a sound all their own.  Laced with psychedelic guitar work, classic rock progressions, an edgy vocal approach, and plenty of pop undertones, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie rock anthems.
The first single, “Six Ways to Sunday”, immediately grabs you with its almost 70’s rock sensibility, followed by smooth vocal melodies, and a unique style allowing the track to breathe while it plays on.

“The song is about developing strong feelings about another person and being anxious and worried and uncertain of how that person feels in return. It's a self-doubting soliloquy on the confusion of falling in love. It's the climb before the fall. It’s the potent flirtatious beginning of a relationship that gives you butterflies. ” explains the band of their single.
Although the single does speak volumes for the album, to get a real understanding of where Withering Blooms is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety.

“Our sound has grown from getting to know each other’s roots and styles and inspiration. Psychedelic jams that go on for 15 minutes where we find ourselves on the outer realms of our minds. This record represents our most raw feels with polished tones”, says the band of the songwriting process for the record.


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