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Christopher Webb - Polaroid Love #Flyah Review

With the release of the Polaroid Love EP, Christopher Webb combines genres both old and new to breed a sound all his own.  Lush with addicting synth progressions, an edgy but soulful vocal approach, and plenty of pop sensibility, the record boasts the aesthetic of vintage alternative pop anthems. Although the songs can be diverse from one and other, there is a glue that holds them all together like any solid concept record should. Most importantly, the album never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are built from.
The first single, “Divine”, pulls you in with its neo dance pop style, followed almost immediately by its hard hitting chorus, and its timeless breakdowns giving it the ability to breathe as it plays on.
“I like to play with dichotomy. In the story, this female performer seems divine and perfect on social medias, an unreachable creature '’Latest dream of the internet fandom'’, but the reality is that her normal life is quite difficult and empty. '’She's begging for love, she wants you to be - the charming that she's seen in movies - En attendant l'amour, elle s'endore les poings serrĂ©s (while waiting for love, she falls asleep clenching her fists)’. It is the most accessible song, easy to dance to and is set in a very retro-futuristic soundscape, which makes it fun/different for casual and more connoisseur pop dan.” explains the songwriter of his single.
Although the single does speak volumes for the EP, to get a real understanding for where Webb is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety.
“The single shows different aspects that are present on the album. Musically speaking, it is very pop/electro with the touch of retro-futuristic 80's synth-wave. Writing wise, it plays with dichotomies, love, self-love and also has French spoken parts, which sets me apart with almost every English-speaking popular singers out-there” says Webb of the songwriting process for the record.
Being introduced the world of performance with piano lessons at the age of only 4, Christopher Webb had already begun his musical journey in early childhood. Going on to play classical piano competitively until he was 15, he discovered singing during his 11 years with the instrument. Having fallen in love with performing, Webb eventually went on to study in one of the strongest Music Theatre Performance programs in the country at Sheridan College. Known for helping workshop and create the musical ''Come from Away'', which was nominated for 7 Tony Awards and a Grammy, the school was very selective with its applicants. Webb was the only Quebec student accepted that year.  
Webb himself was always more attracted to the pop aspects of music and has since used his classical training to create fun, catchy melodies while throwing little curve ball chord progressions to make things interesting. Exploring the electro-synth side of the music has given him an infinite possibility of soundscapes to create with.
The Polaroid Love release is a testament to where he is with his sound right now.
Polaroid Love is available for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets, and the artist is working on putting a live band together for live performances in support of his release.


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