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Michael Seuss - Ashes #Flyah Review

Michael Seuss is an American Hip Hop Artist-Songwriter from Orlando Florida. He is a member of the Rap collective Dior Sentai. Michael is currently working on an album scheduled to be released during the end of 2018. At a young age Michael excelled in Music and Art after having an interest in both subjects. At the age of six his cousin had introduced him to Hip Hop, Michael has often said in earlier interviews this was probably one of the defining moments of his life. Listening to the classics such as "Illmatic", “Ready To Die”, and “The Score”. 
In the middle of 2013 he was picked up by the underground Hip Hop label 5am Records after dropping a series of Mixtapes that would do well locally, and opening for King Chip (At the time named Chip Tha Ripper). The label enjoyed local and regional success. In the summer of 2015, Michael formed Square-One Records, LLC. with former label head of 5am Records and best friend Wyatt Alexander. After a brief period of soul searching he now has his sights set on showing the world exactly what he’s capable of, embarking on a journey to make a name for himself and others in his camp.