Juvenile and Soulja Slim Reaches No. 1 on Billboard scorching a hundred Chart: these days in Hip-Hop

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On this day, Aug. 7, in hip-hop history...
2004: Juvenile's Soulja Slim -assisted single, "gradual action," formally becomes the new Orleans rapper's greatest hit considering that "back That Azz Up" when it reaches No. 1 on the Billboard sizzling 100 chart.
Laced with sluggish-smoked guitar, "sluggish movement," a Sha money XL and Black Jeruz-produced reduce that became originally launched on Juvie's Juve the exceptional album the outdated fall, is a music that feels the instrumental version of stripling and Soulja's Magnolia Southern drawl. The tune makes a speciality of the action of curvaceous girls.
"Ughh! i admire it like that/She working that again, I do not know a way to act/slow motion for me, gradual motion for me/slow motion for me, movement in gradual motion for me," goes the hook for the track, which became delivered by means of Soulja Slim.
The video for "slow movement," which featured a large number of curvy girls twerking to the sounds of the Juve basic, become shot in New Orleans, and it was launched some 5 months after Soulja Slim become murdered. in the visible you can see a considerable number of tributes to the slain rapper, who additionally won his highest-charting single when the tune made its manner into the sizzling 100.
With an infectious chorus that made for the superb ringtone and its release through cash funds information, "slow movement" ended up also earning a gold plaque to move along with its No. 1 spot on the hallowed sizzling a hundred chart. Juve the top notch additionally ended up with a gold plaque.
Salute to those two New Orleans originals!
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