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loads of boom for lots of bucks. by way of John Higgins
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lower back at CES in January of 2018, Razer introduced the release of three new desktop gaming audio system; the entry-stage Nommo, the RGB "Chroma" version I reviewed in may additionally, and the flagship THX-certified 2.1 Nommo professional (See it on Amazon) i'm taking a look at here. the primary two were attainable on Razer's website quickly after the announcement, however we've gone from the shortest days of the 12 months to the longest earlier than the pro version hit the shelves. The biggest and baddest Nommo have ultimately discovered their manner into my test chamber, aka home office, so right here's my full file.
Razer Nommo pro – Design and lines
The Razer Nommo professional are a 2.1-channel speaker device, meaning they're sporting separate left and correct satellite tv for pc audio system and a subwoofer. each the satellites and the sub eschew the usual container-fashioned speaker design for a cylindrical tube. unlike the commonplace Nommo speakers, the seasoned characteristic a 2d cylindrical speaker enclosure on exact of every satellite, making them seem like a gun with a scope attached. the base of each and every satellite tv for pc additionally presents RGB lighting fixtures effects, customizable by means of Razer's Synapse utility.
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The separation of the woofer and tweeter makes it possible for the mid and high frequencies to be reproduced with more accuracy. In a single-driver setup the woofer needs to reproduce everything, and while it is feasible, it isn't most efficient. Tweeters, which might be smaller than the woofers, are more proficient at taking part in excessive frequency sounds and might play these frequencies with more clarity.
The subwoofer is additionally cylindrical and has one down-firing seven-inch woofer on the backside and a port on the good. in the identical way tweeters are more proficient at managing the high conclusion, subwoofers are developed to pump out the low frequencies. This enables the Nommo seasoned to get down to 20Hz, the low conclusion of human listening to. On the again of the subwoofer are connections for both satellite tv for pc audio system, the manage pod, an optical-in, a USB port, a power button, and the power cable. The front of the sub has the Razer emblem in an understated black-on-black decal.
The manage pod disc that attaches to the sub lays for your desk and has tactile controls. There's a standby/energy button situated on precise that additionally acts as a mute button when pressed immediately. The outer ring rotates to manage quantity and there are lights across the suitable that illuminate as volume goes up and down. The entrance of the pod has an enter opt for button to readily exchange between USB, optical, Bluetooth, and analog. There's also the 3.5mm aux in (the analog input) and a headphone jack. When a headphone is plugged in, the volume and mute controls work for them. The cable that connects the handle pod to the sub is over eight toes lengthy so you can position your sub farther away from your desk if fundamental. A pad on the bottom of the pod keeps it from sliding around your desk, which is a handy function.
To get full functionality out of the Nommo professional audio system, you'll need to download the Razer Synapse three computing device utility. This may be frequent to anybody that already has any Razer peripherals. It acts as a hub for your whole Razer gear and provides extra functionality to the Nommo professional than that you can get with the manage pod.
below the audio tab that you may manage extent of the enter supply, and there's also a bass enhance control that tiers from 0 to 100 (50 is the default), and equalization options from THX and Dolby (Dolby online game, Dolby movie, and Dolby tune) or an eight-band EQ with three presets. The lighting fixtures tab controls the brightness and lighting effects like respiratory (the place it pulses chosen or random colorings), a wave of hues that circle the base, biking during the colour spectrum, or a static colour.
greater difficult lighting can also be programmed with the Chroma Studio which works top-quality when creating a colour template to work across all your Razer Chroma apparatus. here is the place which you could implement lighting fixtures that integrates with distinctive games, equivalent to FFXV, Fortnite, or Elder Scrolls online. the majority of this integration is aimed in opposition t keyboards and mice, even though, with keys lights up when an skill is refreshed or particular move keys illuminated in a selected color like WASD.
Some games, equivalent to Doom, will mild every machine with the equal colour when an action is performed...
Some video games, such as Doom, will light every gadget with the same colour when an action is performed, like an explosion of blue when you get a headshot. There are at the moment a hundred official integrations with the intention to automatically load with a game as long as Synapse 3 is operating. 5 third-birthday celebration integrations require a separate utility download and launch for every game.
when you have an Android or iOS equipment, there's a cell app available for download. within the app that you may turn standby mode on and off, choose the input, adjust volume and bass response, and choose any EQ profile. if you disconnect the speakers from Synapse for your computer, the brief lighting fixtures consequences (respiration, wave, spectrum, and static) can also be adjusted in the app. Any deeper programming than that must be achieved with Synapse.
standard, the app is a neat concept however fairly needless.
standard, the app is a neat theory but fairly unnecessary. if you are sitting at your desk there isn't any rationale to make use of the app due to the fact that you've got the entire controls actually at your fingertips, so its usefulness is restricted to when you're now not at your computer. This begs the question why you would wish to alter your speaker settings in case you're not at your computing device? The simplest scenario i will envision is when you are the use of Bluetooth on your mobilephone and walking around. I only used it to modify the extent when paying attention to tune from just a few ft away  when you consider that I had already decided on the bass response and EQ that I favorite.
Razer Nommo pro – checking out and Gaming
To look at various the Nommo pro I immediately opened up Battlefront II to ignite some lightsabers and take down some Imperials. I all started with the "THX" EQ atmosphere with the bass increase at its default 50 and found it to be too tons for me. After toggling it slightly I settled on 30 as a superb rumbling event with out the bass overpowering the midrange. The situational focus I experienced with the Nommo pro turned into brilliant. I could without problems aurally distinguish enemies to the left or correct and turn to attack with Luke's saber.
There turned into nevertheless some muddiness to the lessen mids and it seemed like there turned into a dip in the frequency response at the crossover from the satellite's woofer to the sub. thankfully that didn't affect the vocal range too a whole lot and chatter between characters was clear. i attempted the different video game EQ modes but I wasn't impressed. The Dolby online game environment introduced a major quantity of treble that sounded piercing and unnatural to my ears. The "online game" setting under the EQ became an identical, even though it also added some bass that I didn't find imperative. For the rest of my gaming time I stuck with the THX profile.
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Battelfield 1 changed into the same adventure to big name Wars. The sound field in front of me had awesome size and depth to it and the placement of bullets whizzing during the air changed into very accurate. I brought the bass increase down a little bit extra as it felt that it became mixed somewhat bigger than it turned into in Battlefront. The sub still provided amazing rumble as I drove around a tank and mortars exploded outside. It really obtained my heart pumping.
The sound field in front of me had splendid size and depth to it and the location of bullets whizzing through the air changed into very correct.
when I switched to hearken to some track tracks I converted to the Dolby tune setting and was disillusioned. The vocals sounded distant and muffled, the bass turned into fuzzy, and the highs were coarse. altering to the customized EQ option helped greatly. Chris Cornell's vocals on Spoonman had been now entrance and middle. The bass was a bit of unfocused and that i could hear the frequency dip at the crossover element again (sounded to be round 120Hz), which I couldn't fix with the eight-band EQ. It isn't an incredible flaw even though, and it didn't detract a lot from the ordinary listening event.
There is a few high conclusion sizzle that changed into very apparent on Nuthin' however A G Thang. I found that it confined the extent I might with ease play the music. There wasn't any signal degradation when music changed into played over Bluetooth. Pairing with my mobile changed into highly convenient (just switch the speaker enter to Bluetooth and select it from my discovered device record), and the control pod controlled the quantity output of my iPhone.
The Nommo professional can definitely pump out the quantity.
The Nommo pro can really pump out the quantity. When gaming I hardly went above 50-60 and nonetheless felt wholly immersed. For tune I left it at 30-35 so there's a whole lot of extent on faucet here.
considering the fact that each satellite tv for pc is imbued with Chroma lighting fixtures, I paid consideration to it all over gaming and located the lighting alternate options on the Nommo professional are a little bit superfluous. The online game integration is limited, but when it does react to actions in some thing like Doom it's a nice addition. past that, having a glow from the speaker base whereas taking part in in a dismal room can add some cool ambiance, and if you're already a member of the Razer family unit having your peripherals linked through color is fairly cool.
finally, I additionally recently reviewed the $200 Logitech G560, so how do both examine? The Nommo seasoned in reality sound better than the Logitech. there may be extra bass extension (I consider the Logitech had a big drop off around 50Hz and the seasoned drops closer to 20Hz), and there's stronger EQ adjustability. THX is a pleasant bonus, too. however are they "more than twice as high priced because the Logitech" more suitable? now not in any respect, and if you don't have different Razer instruments to sync the lighting with the audio system the expense tag is even tougher to swallow. average the Nommo professional's pricing is extra inline with home theater bookshelf speakers.
Razer Nommo seasoned – paying for guide
The Razer Nommo professional has an MSRP of $499, and for the reason that they may be brand new it's the same cost you are going to discover them for on Amazon. They is usually out of inventory although, so that you can always buy them on Razer's web site as smartly:
the verdict
average the Razer Nommo seasoned sound brilliant. whereas there are just a few issues – particularly the a bit gentle bass, and highs that can get a bit harsh – these faults are minor within the grand scheme of things and the Nommos kept me completely engaged once I used them for gaming. The biggest subject is their $500 price tag. if you don't produce other Razer items to integrate with the lights the cost tag is only plain excessive.


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