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Avis Extends Partnership With Maple Leaf sports & leisure

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PARSIPPANY, N.J., Sept. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Avis today announced that it has renewed its multi-yr settlement with Maple Leaf sports & amusement (MLSE) to continue its designation because the authentic automobile condominium associate of the Toronto Maple Leaf s and Toronto FC. beneath the settlement, the mobility manufacturer will have the opportunity to advertise its products and functions to millions of sports fanatics and friends of Scotiabank enviornment and BMO box. application points include enviornment signage, camera-seen signage all the way through video games, movements, in-market advertising and promotional alternatives.
"Maple Leaf activities & entertainment has been a very good companion and has allowed us to engage consumers, pressure leases and generate new company alternatives," said Beth Kinerk, Senior vice president, sales, Avis price range community. "We're excited to resume our settlement with them and build upon our customer engagement efforts in Canada."
"we're delighted to proceed our lengthy-standing partnership with Avis. We both share a standard goal of desperate to provide returned to our enthusiasts and create alternatives past the game," talked about Jeff Deline, Senior vice chairman, world Partnership at MLSE. "With our renewed dedication we appear ahead to the longer term and dealing intently with Avis to assist our groups and reward our lovers."
For extra counsel or to make a reservation, visit www.avis.com or www.avis.ca.
About AvisAvis operates some of the world's most suitable-favourite motor vehicle condo manufacturers with approximately 5,500 locations in just about one hundred seventy international locations. Avis has an extended history of innovation within the automobile condominium trade and is among the world's right brands for customer loyalty. Avis is owned via Avis finances group, Inc. (automobile), which is the mother or father enterprise of Avis, finances, Zipcar, Payless, Apex car rentals, France automobiles and Maggiore. through these main mobility manufacturers, customers can get very nearly any type of automobile (vehicle, truck, van), for any size of time (minute, hour, day, mon th), for any intention (enterprise, leisure), throughout more than eleven,000 locations in approximately 180 international locations. For extra suggestions, visit www.avis.com.


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