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Check Out Postmatic by Rellz Tha Postman

Shout outs to the whole Flyah Entertainment. Denny Mild, D Swiss, T Money, my brother Christobal The Vision, Lyrically Real, The whole 613 Family. Giggles The Clown, Moses, Boom Pat, G Stacks. Shout outs to one of my close homies Atomic G. Royal 7's and Roman Empire. and last but not least all the producers that helped make this possible. Budget Wax, He was one of the first producers I linked with,, been a good friend, the homie Axis 360, much love. Big shout outs to Diggah Dom, he blessed me with the last few pieces that made it a true classic. FROM VA TO PA TO NJ TO ALL THE WAY TO GERMANY, POSTMATIC IS BORN, ONE LOVE, PEACE


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