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Turning out to be Up Hip Hop: Atlanta Bow Wow & lady friend Kiyomi Leslie Breakup: What came about?

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Bow Wow and Kiyomi Leslie at Jermaine Dupri celebrates So So Def 25 and Songwriters corridor of repute Induction.
On tonight's season finale of becoming Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, Bow Wow's up-and-down relationship with female friend Kiyomi Leslie takes middle stage. both broke up this past fall, however haven't publicly addressed the break up. After the break-up, Kiyomi began dating young Ma, and Bow Wow (also referred to as Shad Moss) has been photographed out with a person new.
In a clip shared by way of WEtv ahead of the brand new episode, Bow Wow tells his mom "It's killing me. The fact that i can't deal with business without her considering some. i can't shoot a video with a woman with out her pondering anything." The clip cuts to Bow Wow addressing the digital camera at once about his relationship with Leslie. "Me and Leslie have tried to work this component out so repeatedly. It's like the place will we go from here? What are we doing? I wasn't acting like this before I met her. The condition is barely too toxic, the arguing, me always having to battle for her believe after I've by no means given her a intent to not have faith."
Bow Wow and Leslie acquired pregnant within the spring, however Leslie sooner or later had a miscarriage. remaining month, she was candid about her being pregnant and miscarriage in a video interview with DJ Smallz Eyes. within the interview, she displays the rationale she believed she miscarried, asserting "It changed into traumatic for me as a result of I felt like social media had so a whole lot to do with it… i was stressed out about people assuming issues about me. however the medical doctors advised me that wasn't the case, that's just what I felt in my heart."
In October, shortly after Kiyomi and Bow Wow's ex Masika Kalysha fought publicly over Twitter, Black activities on-line said that Kiyomi become dating young Ma; they said that she broke up with Bow Wow for the female rapper. in response to Bossip, who believe Kiyomi is depicted as hungry for reputation on GUHHATL, Bow Wow changed into these days spotted at a basketball online game with a brand new lady.
When describing the season, WEtv observed "Shad Moss (aka Bow Wow), is officially off the market when a brand new love pastime enters the mix, however there's main issue in paradise when rumors and jealousy weigh down their budding romance. Does Bow's new boo and aspiring rapper, Kiyomi Leslie, have her heart within the game or is she just in it for the reputation?" ahead of turning out to be Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, Leslie seemed on fact tv shows Wild N Out and growing to be Up Hip Hop.
besides his drama with Leslie, Bow Wow's struggles with depression may be addressed within the episode, in response to a promo clip for the episode.
forward of the season finale, Leslie shared a sexy photograph to Instagram. She captioned the picture, wherein she wears a pink bra, jacket and latex skirt, " The universe has a means of settling rankings…They call me KARMA… Can't retain doin them girls like that.. thinkin nobody finna chew lower back!"
Watch Bow Wow and Kiyomi Leslie on the season finale of growing to be Up Hip Hop: Atlanta tonight at 9/8c on WEtv.


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