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Pitbull is without doubt one of the highest-paid hip-hop artists, incomes greater than Kanye West

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Pitbull is living as much as his nickname — Mr. worldwide. The Cuban-American performer, who all started rapping on the streets of Miami, has reached celebrity popularity, and has the checking account to show it. In 2018, Armando "Pitbull" Perez earned a massive $32 million, landing him at No. eight on the record of Forbes highest-paid hip-hop acts. Pitbull earned greater than Kim Kardashian's controversial husband Kanye West — shocking right? smartly, now not to Pitbull, who knows the energy of music: "My song is world music; it's song for everyone. And if I can make you break out for 3 minutes, then I did my job."
With 10 albums and more than ninety songs to his identify, Pitbull has lovers international chanting, "Dale que tu puedes [Go for it , you can]." It's motto he actually lives by means of. "My family would all the time inform me the opportunity I had, to be a part of a country that offers you freedom, gives you the possibility to control your own fate, and, greater than the rest, permits you to be something you need to be," he instructed vanity fair.
Pitbull performs in Sacramento, Calif. (photo: Steve Jennings/WireImage)
He's collaborated with several megastars, together with Jennifer Lopez and Kesha. He also has many lovers in the hip-hop scene, like fellow tycoon Sean "Puffy" Combs. "He has so many abilities as an artist and an entertainer," Combs talked about. "He's additionally an envoy, connecting the hip-hop and the Latin communities and encouraging that critical crossover appeal."
Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull function at the American music Awards. (photograph: Kevin winter/Getty photos)
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Pitbull fell in love with tune when he was 13. At 38, he suggests no signs of slowing down. final yr, he and Enrique Iglesias won a Billboard Latin tune Award for Tour of the yr. When he's now not promoting out arenas, Pitbull is giving returned: He recently install a charter faculty in Miami for grades 6 to 12.
"It's in no way been about funds. It's under no circumstances been about fame. It's been a couple of journey."
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