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2019 iPhones and New iPad pro fashions by Kuo

Kuo believes that LCP limits the RF performance of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR antennas as a result of existing know-how barriers and production concerns. This places the RF performance of MPI fabric at least on par with LCP, regardless of MPI being easier and more affordable to provide.
whereas switching to MPI cloth for 2019 iPhone antennas looks to be a no brainer determination for Apple, Kuo expects that LCP will nonetheless be the basic fabric for 5G antennas in 2020 iPhones, as he believes th at the creation considerations limiting the RF efficiency of LCP should be resolved through then.
In contemporary notice, Kuo also referred to he expects Apple to use LCP cloth in future iPad models, starting from the late fourth quarter of 2019.
In a separate research note closing month, which has only been seen with the aid of Taiwanese media to this point, Kuo observed two new iPad professional fashions with the equal eleven-inch and 12.9-inch screen sizes as the latest models will enter mass production between the fourth quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020.
Kuo said these new iPad seasoned fashions will feature flexible circuit boards using LCP, however we've yet to receive that research word in English, so we can't confirm any extra details at present.
Will they silently handle bendgate too, i wonder
Bendgate really? You spend to a whole lot time onlineIs it just me or are iPhone rumors just getting in fact boringFor those wondering - like me - MPI is Modified Polyimide.
From what i will be able to gather (I even have designed antennas on LCP substances), i know there changed into a birth difficulty with LCP for one essential manufacturer as a sub-employer stopped construction of definite base substances.
LCP had good performance up to 77GHz IIRC.
I presume MPI can also enable simpler integration with flex-inflexible designs - perhaps also enhanced heat handling in solder phases and doubtless reduce can charge (for Apple profitz)
anything that steps up reception is a welcome change.after which antennagate edition 2Will they silently address bendgate too, i'm wondering
The complete product line up is boring. And to top if off, updates to that lineup have slowed to a trickle.
another one, so what are you expecting Apple to introduce that would be basically wonderful? Have do you taken consideration maybe it's now not the products that are not entertaining, possibly it's your attitude against these items or they just don't enchantment to you? also, the AirPods, HomePod and Apple Watch weren't unique items? They simply revamped the iPads including Face identification, I imply, what is it that you desire them to do to make the products 'pleasing'?
Is it just me or are iPhone rumors just getting actually boring
The whole product line up is boring. And to accurate if off, updates to that lineup have slowed to a trickle. So that is why it feels boring. Why would an antenna replace to an otherwise boring product be of interest?
actually? Sounds to me like they haven't been on-line due to the fact that 2014 when bendgate changed into a thing.
iPad seasoned had its personal bendgate challenge with bent iPads in the field. part of the motive I'm ready unless fall to get a new iPad professional, assuming they repair it.
should be huge enhancements each and every year for 1k+ phones.
I'm sorry however that simply isn't going to occur and isn't practical. every year phones get more advantageous but there's best so a good deal which you can improve on each yr. phones generally for most aren't upgraded every year anyway...simplest techies will purchase each year.


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