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YG entertainment Appoints New CEO and Addresses Scandals

Yang Hyun Suk, YG Entertainment

one of the vital "huge three" talent management organizations, YG leisure has been plagued with varied scandals and controversies during the past few months. This resulted in Yang Hyun-Suk, founding father of YG entertainment after which-CEO Yang Min-Suk (who's Yang Hyun-Suk's brother) to ultimately step down from their respective positions within the company on 14 June 2019. 
This information got here as shock in South Korea's enjoyment business as Yang Hyun-Suk situated and lead the company for over 23 years. With that came the question of Yang's successor, and YG leisure answered those questions about 20 June. The ability agency made a few statements the day prior to this, first and best, asserting their newly appointed CEO, Hwang Bo-Kyung. 
Hwang has been with YG entertainment given that 2001 and was previously an executive director and CFO of the company, in advance of her fresh appointment. concerning her new CEO position, Hwang had this to assert, "I think heavy responsibility and a sense of obligation during this intricate time. i will straighten out the basics in order for YG entertainment to take a step forward."
On accurate of a brand new CEO, YG amusement also introduced that the board of administrators have determined to launch a new enterprise transformation committee as a way to relook probably the most present processes the company is working towards. 
Yang Hyun-Suk also made a couple of public statements addressing a fresh file made by way of South Korean information outlet, Dispatch, accusing the enterprise for sending Han search engine optimisation-Hee (the whistleblower of the latest B.I drug scandal) to the states in 2016. 
The founder of YG enjoyment addressed the entire reports for my part by mentioning, "first of all, i am extraordinarily apologetic for inflicting problem to many people because of suspicions that are continuing to come up day by day.
together with the Dispatch report from nowadays, all the suspicions that have been introduced up until now are simplest the one-sided claims of the informants and don't seem to be real at all.
YG is refraining from taking media action or [releasing] statements concerning these concerns. this is as a result of the perception that it is suitable to wholly exhibit the exact truths via investigative organizations.
We anticipate that the truths involving the continual false claims and suspicions can be printed sooner or later.
We earnestly make a request to all journalists in order that speculative studies don't seem to be reproduced expansively."
As of writing this article, the newly appointed CEO, Hwang, has yet to make any statements addressing media studies and scandals encompass YG leisure.  

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