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Benzino - Viewed as Racist

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A former rapper and reality star cursed at police and used racist language against an officer after he was arrested last month, according to newly released body cam footage.
The video shows Raymond “Benzino” Scott screaming anti-Asian slurs against one of the arresting officers as he was taken to jail for allegedly missing a court date.

Officers with the Brookhaven Police Department arrested Scott outside of his home on June 22. The rapper, producer and former cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has had multiple run-ins with law enforcement over the years.

Police noticed Scott’s car blocking traffic on Durden Road near Blackburn Park around 11 a.m. and decided to approach, according to a report obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Scott drove away and into a nearby apartment complex, but by then the officers had performed a search on his license plate and discovered there was a warrant for his arrest, police said.

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