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Disneyland - Happiest Place Becomes Violent

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The "Happiest Place on Earth" became the center of a street brawl this past weekend after fists began flying in Mickey's Toon Town. This particular area of the park is tucked away in the back of the 85-acre lot and features kiddie friendly attractions that are fun for the entire family. It's usually a quieter part of the park where your favorite Disney characters feature their residences, however, a beat down brawl was captured on film and quickly went viral on social media.
The violent encounter showed a handful of people engaged is arm swinging, punching, and the throwing around of expletives. One person yelled that they were ready to go to jail as a man repeatedly punched a woman in the face. Stunned parkgoers stopped and watched the melee as some even gave their best-failed attempts at breaking up the fight.

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