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Quavo - Making a Cartoon

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Quavo and picture entertainment co-founder Brian Grazer are linking up to craft a "transformative franchise" in the animation space.
"I actually have lengthy considered how hip-hop as well as our tune (Migos) in reality influences youngsters," Quavo mentioned in an announcement Thursday announcing the new animated franchise series aimed at kids ages 8-12. "I've cherished animation my entire existence even if on tv or in films and that i wanted my first bounce into this top rate content material world to be a display only for kids. it will in fact replicate the creativity, love, and households in and across the NAWF aspect of Atlanta the place we grew up."
The collection will draw from the Atlanta hip-hop scene and marks a partnership between imagine's Marginal Mediaworks, imagine youngsters+household, exceptional manage tune, and Motown. fine manage's Pierre "Pee" Thomas and Kevin "teach ok" Lee will produce alongside Dan Altmann and Capitol track group's Brian Nolan and Ryan Allingham.
Quavo, in the meantime, holds an executive producer title alongside Grazer—a 4-time Oscar nominee/one-time winner whose long heritage comprises producing eight Mile, American Gangster, Apollo 13, and Empire—and a few others.
educate k, speakme on pleasant handle's expansion into the realms of television and film, referred to probably the most crucial and galvanizing element of this partnership task is the indisputable fact that "all children should be seeing themselves" in this series.
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"When i was growing up there become little or no media that had brown and black skinned youngsters feeling heard or seen and the ones that did stood out and served as a vital roadmap via our childhoods," he talked about. "i am about inclusive experiences that address all types of cases that youngsters of ALL ethnic and economic backgrounds journey and to give them a common tool to learn and develop."
The series, per Thursday's announcement, is expected to be launched alongside new merchandise and common music.

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