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Ras Kass - Drops a New Album

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Twenty-three years ago, Ras Kass dropped his first studio album, Soul On Ice. The LP brilliantly balanced wordplay with rich information about history, religion, race, and life in the Southern California streets from the MC who reps both Watts and Carson. The Priority Records album featured production from Battlecat, Vooodu, Bird, plus an incredible Diamond D remix, as well as a lone Rap feature from Coolio. Now, Ras Kass is gearing up to release the highly-anticipated sequel to his debut, Soul On Ice 2, on September 11 of this year on Mello Music Group. 
In anticipation of the forthcoming LP, Ras Kass enlists the help of DJ Green Lantern for the production and a cameo in the video for his Soul On Ice 2 single, “F.L.Y.” The acronym for the record, “F*ck Last Year,” as Ras Kass lights up 2019.

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