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A Valiant Effort from A House Safe For Tigers

A Valiant Effort from A House Safe For Tigers

It's certainly not hard to tell that A House Safe for Tigers is made up of seasoned musicians. Upon listening to The Space Between record you start getting a feel for what you are in for. A chamber pop effort crossed with extremely catchy indie rock hooks and choruses. Orchestral strings fill the space with a deepening warmth and the songs only seem to get catchier the more you journey through the record. 

The album as a whole  is something of a work of art. You can tell plenty of time and love went into these tracks and for the most part, this is no basic rock record. 

The Space Between is incredibly strong and valiant especially with all the indie rock going around these days.  This record holds true to great songwriting and after only a short time, you'll want to play it all over again. 

Enjoy this one!

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