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Onism E - Love You More, ''This song is great in all epartments!'' #Flyah Review

Onism E is New York City's newest indie rock band. From singer/songwriter Eline Chavez, this new project comes after an extended hiatus from the tour scene to further craft and develop her production skills. After a few years of embedding herself in the production side of the music scene, she is finally back and ready to tell the story of those years out of the public eye. 

Known for being a workhorse in the indie music scene, Eline continues to develop her unique and ever-evolving style with Onism E. Rooted in rock music; this is a combination of her alt-rock style and newfound love of moody and often dark melodies. With 2019 being deemed the "Year of the Single" by Eline.

Onism E is a great rock band that plays the drums guitars and perform well together. When first hearing their single, "Love You More", i get the glimpse of a couple expressing their feelings in their relationship with one being strong minded and rooted in love and the other having some form of insecurities.

Deep love for a person and understanding of the world, Eline's lyricism depicts the flaws of human beings that should not be judged. No matter what we go through in life, we all in search of someone that cares about our opinions secrets and problems. The instrumentation on this song is very calming and delightful for any new listeners. Lead singer Eline definitely knows how to perform on a professionally high level; support of the band brings out elements that drives her vocals like a musical engine.

The songwriting behind Love You More was exciting emotionally driven and charismatically paints the perfect picture. This particular love song reminds me of great bands like Three Doors Down, Metallica & Canadian rock artist, Avril Lavigne.

If i were to rate Love You More on the scale of 1 to 10, it would be a 9 for great production wonderful calming vocals awesome lyrics and a powerful message.


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