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The Summit Brings A New Kind Of Super Pop With The Def Cat LP

The Summit Brings A New Kind Of Super Pop With The Def Cat LP 

Pop is an ever changing genre but there are always the aspects that remain. Fun, grooves that make you move, and  something different each time.  This is exactly what The Summit brings with their  fresh new The Def Cat album. The release is brimming with a diverse pop fueled rock feel  complete with hard riving guitars, trumpets that fill any chance of empty space, and absolutely huge vocals. Songs like "Crazy For Life" quickly creeps into your veins and spews out guitar solo's reminiscent of Carlos Santana while others like "Two Way Ave" is a more bass and horn driven song giving an almost classic rock show tune with soul. You can hear bowed strings, deep horns, acoustic guitars, and more throughout the course of it's playback. All in all, the album is completely full of life and we can easily say it's  not quite something you've heard before exactly. Be ready for a lively, energetic, fun brand of pop rock with The Summit. 

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