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Weekend Weather brings on a fun indie rock style with their Bomb Cyclone album release.

Weekend Weather brings on a fun indie rock style with their  Bomb Cyclone album release. A heavy dose of classic rock complete with up swing harmonies, and catchy choruses, the record is sure to satisfy listeners  young and old. 

"Bomb Cyclone includes 7 songs, each a bit different, which reflects the band’s desire to delve into multiple fun genres infused with the recognizable Weekend Weather sound." says the band of the album.  

7 albums and 14 years into the bands existence, they never forget their humble beginnings as a six piece garage band kicking around For Collins CO. As the years went on their sound evolved and developed from what used to be an acoustic rock feel to the harder driven rock songs they perform today. The Bomb Cyclone release is a testament to where they are at with their sound right now.  

Bomb Cyclone is available now for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and the band is always working on new material and booking live shows to keep up their chops.

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