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Fire The Bellboy delivers a fury of catchy alt rock

Fire The Bellboy delivers a fury of catchy alt rock

Alternative rock has many names, sub-genres, and variations. So it's great when we hear something that leaves us an a slight awe. Now, Fire The Bellboy I'm sure must have gone through their own songwriting process by the time they got to the sound acquired on their new Ep "The One Who Started It". But that sound, the one the landed on, is a sonic expansion of pop and alternative rock all around. The Ep does keep to a less conformed sort of pop rock feel a lot, but also takes that influence and contorts it into something very cool. The featured song and single from the Ep made up of 3 titles, is called "Polyglot". This is a perfect example of the sonic expansion we speak of.  Rock out with them on your favorite place to listen to new music!

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