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Flower Church Shows A Darker Side Of Alt-Indie Rock

Flower Church Shows A Darker Side Of Alt-Indie Rock

The new LP from Flower Church feels like a personal journey through chapters in one songwriters life. Giving off an edgy alternative vibe, songs still get mellow and dark at times while remaining catchy. "Reality's Reverie" is the first single  from the upcoming album and it flows smoothly into it's catchy chorus that sticks with you. Dark as the album is, the songs are mostly pop songs in a slightly grungy way. 

Fueled by honesty and emotion, the Pretend LP is an ever changing record going through fuzzy rock songs like "Does She Even Care Anymore" and clean toned garage pop tracks like "Born and Burden". Either way the record has a lot to soak in and we suggest you do. 

The Pretend LP is  set to be released on Halloween everywhere but right now you can listen here:

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