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Indulging the Pop Stylings of Evelyn Landow

Indulging the Pop Stylings of Evelyn Landow

With a new LP just released, indie-pop artist Evelyn Landow strives to set a bit of a new standard. Bearing all, the artist delves into her songs and the outcome is a strong effort in the arena of today's indie and dream pop music. Notable are her indelible arrangements and vocal hooks over ambient and catchy synths, keys and guitars. A staple feel for the record as a whole. The LP dubbed "The Mirror Within" showcases not just a knack for blending instrumentation but also production. Songs come through crisp and catchy and the album never gets dull. It is something to give a listen to as a full piece. Maybe on a good long drive or hanging out with yourself for a night. Evelyn has released a great catalog of material already and this album seems to fit as a culmination of her work at the moment. An outstanding indie pop album through and through. 

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