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Calathea Puts Genres Aside With "Desiderium"

Calathea Puts Genres Aside With "Desiderium" 

In a terrific clash of the genres, Calathea, an indie pop solo project based out of Denver CO, recently released a 4 song EP entitled Desiderium. The release is packed with emotion and holds no bounds to genres. Within the segment of 4 tracks, the EP crosses from neo-folk and acoustic pop to synth and indie pop within it's short but lively existence. One of the best being "Vessel Walls". A song that somehow takes on a feel good pop song while also taking on a darker dream pop feel all at once. In the mix is also "Hysteria" which is a clean guitar song that sounds like something Weezer's Rivers Cuomo would write before bringing it to the band. Letting it all out is a single songwriter proving that having something as simple as a home set up can give a freedom for creation. Desiderium is a wonderfully boundless record that leaves you wanting more from the project. And we hope that's what we get soon enough. 

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