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Uh Oh and the Oh Wells Pure Bread Classic Rock

Uh Oh and the Oh Wells Pure Bread Classic Rock

Quite the name isn't it. Uh Oh and the Oh Wells may be a misleading band name for these guys as their self titled album is an excellent effort and a vivacious entry into the world of indie rock. Now, there are more than a few indications that this band takes a lot from classic rock bands of yesterday and that shows in their southern rock guitars and vocals. However, the album also brings in a lot of todays folk and indie rock along with it. This is a refreshing record amidst an ocean of rock bands out there. Notable songs are "Tumbleweeds", "Late or never", and "Where's The Door". All full of life and  love of rock music as well as a clear love for their instruments. Tracks are indulgent, fun, and pure while the album as a  whole is a damn good time. Fans of folk and classic rock will love this release.

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