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Johnny Cash would be proud - TODD BARROW - FLYAH REVIEW

With influences such as Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, Todd Barrow is a prolific country artist with enough talents to be a one man band.  From winning awards to working with creators such as Bart Rose, Todd has surely made a great name for himself.  In today’s time,  many musicians have the passion for music but are not skilled with such talents.  

When first hearing the classic song “Countrys Just Cooler” I was instantly entertained by his performance.  The description of the country lifestyle was presented to the listener with perfect precision.  I really enjoyed the instrumentation on this one also.   I feel you do not have to be country fan to understand his point of view.  Being marveled with the sounds delivered with perfect mixing and mastering, Countrys Just Cooler also brings the vibe of the good old days.  Without a video it was easy for me to imagine pick up trucks, beer mugs and the toast to achievements.   

 Another awesome song of his I enjoyed was “Barcode”.  I had no idea what the song would be about even though the title was so straight forward.  This song explained universal rules or codes for guys that hang out at bars.  I tuned in with excitement as he talked about how you should converse in these settings.  The detailed country masterpiece was fun and sounds similar to a song from Willy Nelson.  One thing is for sure, Todd Barrow has taken the time to advance in the art of song writing and presentation.   If I had to rate his music on a scale of 1-10, he would get a 9 for making songs that are clean and delightful with flawless composition.  Check out his music below and at all cost enjoy yourself!

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