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New Music from The ByWays

The ByWays

The Byways push forward with honest, full flavored indie rock bordering on pop and soul. Tunes are all truthful and sometimes make some inquisitive statements to who we are as people. Wearing your heart on your sleeve for the world to hear cant be a simple task but The Byways make it feel that way. Their Something To Prove EP starts things off with "Believe In Me". Hitting you with a solid hook as soon as hit play, the song has zero trouble getting into a groove nice and fast. "It Started With You" follows the first song and eases into a piano pop ballad that could easily be classic rock song from the late 1970's. The song swells as acoustic guitar seeps its way in. "How Did We Get Here" comes  next and  brings things back its up paced pop rock the EP started off with. Never a dull moment with the song.  Last but not least comes "Man I Wanna Be". This song shows a John Lennon influence in the songwriting. A relatable and emotional song, this may be one of the strongest on the EP all in all. Take this short but sweet musical journey. The Byways do not disappoint.  

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