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Pop, Pop, and more Pop with Nico Maddox

Pop, Pop, and more Pop with Nico Maddox

Releasing a well, pop fueled new EP, Nico Maddox hits it hard. The record starts off with a few tracks that really are rock fueled but the pop side of it all allows these songs to get stuck in your head. Playing this EP on repeat certainly won't be an issue for any fan of indie rock, or even radio pop  music as the record covers a lot of ground with its variety of hooky, shiny, and raw songs. "Heart" is one of the most in your face indie rock songs you'll hear all year. The EP takes you on a bit of a journey and song by song, pulls you in deeper and deeper. Even lovers of alt pop from the late 90's will gravitate towards this record with ease. The release is titled "Tired Of Thinking" and is now on all your favorite places to listen to great new music. This record is something to pay attention to as is its creator Nico Maddox.

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