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Bossa Me makes me feel like a boss #FlyahReview

Born in Miami Beach,  Anthony Baglino is a tenor and alto saxophonist with the gift to take you on a marvelous adventure. Performing in jazz clubs and art galleries, Baglino continues to advance with new projects in different languages and multiple mediums. Listening to this smooth jazz puts me in a splendid mood that almost creates an imaginative world by every note. Backing his performance, you can hear well mixed percussion at the volume of perfection. It reminds me of musicians such as Brian Culbertson Paul Hardcastle and even Boney James.

Anthony expresses himself through means of the instruments he uses like a painter with a brush. What makes it more interesting is that he uses video art in his performances to illustrate the metro sounds that are pleasing to the ear.

Listening to the "Bossa Me" EP was definitely worth the time and I can appreciate his level of talent. The CD entitled track gives me a memory of the film, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" by the opening tune. I can picture a room filled with people cigar smoke and great champagne when vibing to such elegant tracks.

Quite a masterpiece in the making, Anthony pours out his heart and soul when delivering jazz and it can open a person's mind of feeling good inside. What I find to be intriguing was that each composition on the EP was just as entertaining from start to finish. My favorite track on the EP is "Indigo Bossa" which has a piano accompanied with Anthony on the sax. The acoustics have a wintry sound due to the reverb and dynamics of the room.

If i have to rate this EP on the scale of 1 to 10 it will be an 8 for good sounding instruments cohesiveness creativity and high performance.

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