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Audio Moonshine - Left in the Dark #FlyahReview

Audio Moonshine is a Northwestern Indie Rock group. Going through common times were things seem mundane, Audio Moonshine was concerned that creativity had hit a brick wall. Artist Jake Ransom went through a terrible accident that lead to devastating events but his band gathered around to make sure he made it through. The album, "Left in the Dark" is a call of action and story about the journey of overcome these tough hurdles.

We started listening to Audio Moonshine with one desire and that was to hear great rock and roll. I have to say that this band didn't let us down at all. "Lonely Ride Back Home" sets the tone and brings a real perspective on how things can be when facing life challenges. The music was perfectly mixed, the vocals were intoxicating and the vibe touches us with a sense of hope. 

"Take It For Granted" is a tale of a person who thought everything was peach and nothing could go wrong but now the air is getting thin and the walls are closing. This is very relative to the everyday struggle and the allusions that are painted after having a win streak but the pendulum must swing. I was taught that sometimes you must neutralize the fall for life battles that are yet to come but sometimes the impact is just too much to bear. 

Another song I like on this album was entitled "Catching Up to Speed". When I first turn it on, I could not help to bounce my head back and forth when this renegade tune picked up the pace of the album. My favorite part of the song was around the 2 minute and 4 second mark when the squealing guitar comes in for the bridge. This song makes me picture of good American muscle speeding down the highway as if Jake Ransom was a powerhouse machine. 

The overall performance of this album is fantastic and the lyrics are catchy, very detailed & words of motivation. If I have to rate this album on the scale of 1 to 10, I will give it a 8 for its creativity, conceptual delivery, perfect composition.

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