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Katie Belle - Love Someone – Review

Love Someone – Review

From receiving hundreds of thousands of streamsonline from different platforms, being featured in popular articles, and touring across the US, Katie Belle is truly a gifted, talented and successful musical artist. With the release of her new single titled “Love Someone”, Belle is back at it again with another hit track. Upon the track’s intro, listeners are greeted with beautifully appealing vocals that are pleasing to the ears. Along with the vocal style being attractive, the vocal melodies in this song are kept catchy, simplistic, and easy to follow. Therefore, it is evident that music fans are sure to be caught either humming or singing along to the melody of “Love Someone”. In addition to the lead vocals, it is important to highlight the power that the backing vocals and vocal effects bring to the table as they add a greater sense of depth to this song.In regards to the instrumentals, they are kept mild and few-in-number so that the attention will not be drawn away from the vocals and it also allows for the vocals to shine brightly. Even though kept mild, the percussion carries the song along nicely and holds as a sturdy backbone, while the synth adds a great strength especially in the chorus line. Overall, “Love Someone” is a solid track that is catchy, easy to digest, and most importantly, it is kept original and tasteful. Music fans of the genre are sure to love this song and is one that will surely be added to playlists for listeners to repeat the track over and over again. It is highly recommended for music lovers to give Katie Belle a listen with not only her new single, “Love Someone”, but also to give attention to her past work with other fantastic songs.

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