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Socially Altered and the Subconsious Terminus #FlyahReview

Socially Altered is a solo act from the marvelous country of India. Krishnendu Ghosal is the sole member who creates music with the blend of alternative rock, jazz, and psychedelic tunes. In 2015, he was signed to an indie label entitled NUB Music. Dealing with the lost of his grandfather, Krishnendu took an absence in 2018 because of emotional turbulence.

Now it's 2020 and the talented superstar arrives with the EP entitled "Subconscious Terminus". The first track on this EP is entitled "Into the Snake Pit". This track lives up to its name by starting with a dangerous sounding baseline. The saxophone brings you into a dramatic twist when things can spiral out of control. In accompaniment by the guitar, the theme is well presented and entertains you as the beat goes on.

The second track on this EP is called "Lost in Jazz". When I first listened to Lost in Jazz, I was traversed to a place where daydreams rule. The opening cymbal followed by the spiraling sax brings you into a hypnotic state picturing someone lost in jazz. The third tune on Subconscious Terminus that stands out to me is "Faded and Some Forgotten Dreams". As the saxophone blows throughout the track, I get the sense the creator was trying to paint a picture of the aftereffects of someone being lost in jazz. Truthfully, this EP could be the results of a person struggling with emotions, searching for a release, and a safe haven from pain.

To me, the order of the tracks are no mistake. This is definitely a concept album. I believe the tracks are cohesive and filled with concepts that keeps the listener engaged throughout the project. If I have to rate this EP on a scale of 1 to 10, it will get a 8 for sticking to its theme with great production and imaginative elements.

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