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Twicy Asks to Gimme Love #FlyahReview

Hailing from the country of West Africa, Twicy has the sound to become an overnight sensation. With his Afrobeat influence and savvy lyrics, he definitely has the skills to pay the bills. As a graduate from Edinaman High School in Ghana, Twicy truthfully defeats all odds. He was first recognized in 2018 when he performed in France and in Germany.

Shocking the listeners with his new smash hit entitled "Gimme Love", Twicy hits the ground running with the Wizkid type of vibe. His voice is very appealing and accent makes the song supreme while the mixing on this record is also very professional. I can picture this played on the top 40 channels throughout the whole summer. This song talks about having a love interest whose body is amazing, with style and grace that brings you into a romantic world. Twicy also speaks about all the things he can do for that girl.

The hook is catchy and has the ability to stand the test of time. I believe the organization and composition of the track is perfect with the right energy to keep the song entertaining throughout the repetition. If I have to rate Gimme Love on a scale of 1 to 10, it will get a 8 for commercial performance, energetic motion, a twist of the Afrobeat sound with a R&B flavor and above all for just being a great track to listen to.

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