Alarm beeped. It was 5 PM. A jobless man called John Avery woke up and said, “Another day without job! But I can sleep at afternoon now! Time for me to get ready!”
John opened a small drawer in his closet saw the ring as he muttered, “Ah! It is still here!” As he looked at it, his mind recalled an old moment as he picked the ring in his hand.


John was walking with his girlfriend Stacy Wilson. Stacy asked John, “You wanted to tell me something John! What was it?”John told her, “Stacy! I have known you for six years and we have been dating for five years! You know how happy you make me! For me, the happiest moment is when you feel happy because of something that I have done! I have realized that you are the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with!” John got on one knee and pulled out a small box from his pocket. Opening it to reveal a ring, he said, “Stacy Wilson! Will you marry me?” John was expecting Stacy to exclaim with excitement and cover her mouth with her hands but she was standing silently, appearing to be struggling for words to say. John asked her, “What happened Stacy? Why are you not saying anything?” Stacy replied, “John! When you lost your first job, I stood by you! Now you lost your second job! I stayed beside you! I love you! I want to marry you and start a family with you! But love alone is not enough for happy life! Stability is also necessary! Right now, is not the right time to get married! I think we should wait a little bit! You should get a job first and settle yourself in it! After that, we should get married!”John Avery had lost his jobs due to his hothead attitude. But he did not learn from his mistakes. Hearing Stacy‘s reply, he snapped and shouted at a high pitch, “What the fuck are you saying? Jobs will come and go! You have loved me for five years! Why can‘t you accept my proposal? Stacy replied, “Calm down John! This is about us being life partners! Right now, what you need most is a job! I am not going anywhere! You can propose me after you get a job! We should not make hasty decisions! I need time to think!” Angry John said, “Pardon my anger! I am an artist! You want to think? Well, think now! I don‘t care about being unemployed! I want an answer now! Just say yes or no!” Stacy said, “You are misunderstanding me John!” “Just say it Goddamn it!”John angrily shouted. Stacy got startled. With tears in her eyes, “I am Sorry John!” Stacy turned and left. John yelled, “Never come back Stacy! You are dead to me!”


The ringing doorbell brought artist John Avery out of his thoughts. He put the ring inside in the drawer as he muttered, “I miss you Stacy! It was so foolish of me to let you go!”
Doorbell rang again. And John heard the voice of his childhood friend Amy Tomlinson, “Hello! Earth to greatest artist John Avery! Come out of your world of art and design! Look at the beautiful girl at your door!” John opened the door with Amy standing outside, smiling. She was dressed in purple woolen jacket and brown pants. She said, “Get ready! We are going somewhere! I brought my car!”
John went inside and changed into better jacket and shirt and pants. Moments later, they were going in Amy‘s car. Amy was driving when John asked, “Where are we going and why?” Amy replied, “The answer to your “where” is a surprise! The answer to your “why” is that you lost your third job and I feel that I need to cheer you up!” John coldly said, “Amy! You do not need to worry about me! Jobs come and go! I have decided that now I will do something of my own! My own business! I am getting everything new! I got a new bank account! A new phone number for mobile banking! Now I am looking for potential clients and my home will be my office! You do not need to worry!” Amy said, “Still not wishing to talk to me because you can‘t get over Stacy? You met her six years ago and you two dated for five years! Now that it is over for both of you, you are thinking about her when you should be thinking about someone you can see or talk to! Like me! You have known me since childhood! I was 13 and you were 14 when we first met!” John replied, “It is not like that Amy! Yes! I loved Stacy but you were always my best friend and you still are!” Amy muttered as John paused, “Only friend?” Then John said, “When I get client, I may need a helping hand! Would you like to work in my business? I will give you 40% of monthly earnings! Right now, you also do not have any job!” Amy thought, “This is a good opportunity to stay close to John!” She said, “OK! What will your business offer to clients?” John replied, “I am an artist! I love to paint! Both traditionally and through software! I will design and color custom shoes, shirts, paintings, and cars! I will also design and print brochures, greeting cards, wedding cards, and commissioned artwork! You can do business development! Get me new clients!” Amy replied, “Sounds good! But all this designing stuff, how will you raise money for initial investment! I can give you maximum $ 1000! You are out of work!”
John replied, “I am determined that somehow I will get money to invest initially! Yesterday I met someone who has offered me $ 450 to design cards for his son‘s birthday party!”

Amy replied, “That sounds like a plan! May God help you to raise the required amount as soon as possible!” This was the moment when car arrived at a venue. John peeped outside and said, “Magic show?” Pulling the hand brake, Amy replied, “You never entertained yourself! Dedicated to work and bosses who never appreciated you! After magic show, we are going for dinner! I hope this magic show entertains you and helps you to see the life from a new perspective! I got two tickets!”
As John and Amy entered the auditorium, John was looking at the stage while Amy was looking at him. She thought, “I hope this magic show gives you a reason to look at me with a new perspective!”
Amy was happy to see John enjoying the magic show. After magic show, Amy and John had a happy dinner. John told her, “You remember my favorite restaurant!” Amy replied, “And your favorite cuisines!” John said, “You have a great memory!” Amy replied, “When you agreed to go with me to High School Prom, to thank you, I brought you here to give you treat! I never saw you so happy at that time! That is why I chose this restaurant for dinner!” After dinner, Amy dropped John home and then she drove towards her home. As Amy was driving home she thought, “I failed! Because John did not even try to kiss me!” At home, John was making his bed. Just then, he received a call on his new phone number that he had taken for his mobile banking activities. “Hello!” He answered the call. The unknown caller asked, “Is this John Avery?” John replied, “Yes!” The unknown caller said, “Your payment of $ 1 Million has been dispatched to Post Box Number 28119 of NY Post Office! Go to Post Office tomorrow and talk to my man Greg McCain! Just tell him your name and he will direct you to the Post Box to collect your cash!” John replied, “OK!” After hanging up, he thought, “Wow! $ 1 Million waiting for me to be taken! Is this a prank? I should check out! If it is not a prank, I get lots of money! I will go tomorrow!” Next morning, John Avery went to the Post Office. He saw the desk of Greg McCain. Walking to him, he said, “I am John Avery!” Greg looked at him. Without asking any question, he brought him to a room and unlocked a post box. John saw a bag in the post box. He pulled it out. He opened it and he was shocked and excited to find

huge amount of cash in it. Thanking Greg, he zipped the bag and walked away. Driving towards his home, John thought, “Now I have money to start my dream business!” 

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