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Wrong Number Series - Chapter 1 - Written By Avijit Misra(Created by Charles J.)


In a building, a man came out of the elevator and walked towards an office. He was holding a Wolfman mask in his hand. He entered the office where the underworld mobster Nikolai Belinsky was sitting at a table. Looking at the man, Belinsky said in a Russian accent, “John Avery! My favorite American! Because the whole criminal underworld knows you as the dangerous Wolfman!”
In a cold voice, John Avery replied, “In the whole underworld, only you know the face behind the Wolfman mask!” As John spoke, he thought, “Even my Voter ID does not have my real face!” John Avery continued, “When you call me, I give priority to your assignments because you are a good friend, you make timely payments, and cops on your payroll always help me when I need help from police to accomplish a mission!” Nikolai Belinsky replied, “I have suffered a huge loss as police has confiscated a consignment of my drugs! So for this mission, I cannot pay you immediately! But I promise that within one year, I will pay you with interest and late fee! It would be $ 1 Million!” John Avery responded, “Tell me the person I have to kill!” Nikolai Belinsky, turned on the monitor of a computer on his screen and showed him a picture of an old woman saying, “This is Melanie Turner! She lives in Boston! She is street smart! Her tip-off helped police to capture my consignment in Boston! You need to kill her!” John Avery replied, “Consider it done! In one week, she will be dead!” Nikolai Belinsky replied, “Her picture and file containing her personal information and address will be given to you by Mikhail Andropov!” John Avery said, “Done!” He walked out and saw Mikhail Andropov was standing with a file saying, “This is all you need!” John Avery took it and said, “Thank You!”
John and Mikhail shook hands and John walked away. 

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