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Breaking news: Jerry Seinfeld Controversial Stand Up Special Catches Heat for Netflix

When hearing the name Jerry Seinfeld, you know the master of your domain type of jokes can stir up controversy.

23 hours to kill was the title of the stand up special on Netflix and critics from all angles begin to microscope all details and have eyewitnesses around for what may come out of Jerry's mouth.

Out of touch and more leaning to the outdated style, Jerry round of routine sounded like on stage in the beginning credits of his 90s hit sitcom instead of being more in tune to modern times.

Graded a D on the scale of A to F by other sources. The jokes flying off has warranted investigations with the White House and even public facilities to shut down in the face of another pandemic.

Seinfeld has been more vocal on the coronavirus conversation but if trying to bring more people to laughter, there should be better material instead of focusing heavily on the virus itself.

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