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Gabrielle Saro has reasons for the song, "Skippin" - #FlyahReview

Gabriele Saro is a violinist with additional skills such as playing piano and an organ. Born in Spilimbergo, Italy, he always had a great level of confidence in the pursuit of music. In 2012, Gabriele achieved a masters in nero-linguistic programming and went on to collaborate with Marco Valerio Ricci. Prior to this achievement, he also received a bachelors degree in business ecomonics, a diploma in violin, and a masters in film composition. Later down the road, he participated in a master class for film scoring and music production which was hosted by plethora of talented engineers and musicians. He also have won several national and international prizes in songwriting competitions that was in the U.K. and United States.

Flyah Entertainment was blessed to get a great submission from Gabriele Saro. Right from the jump, I was instantly blown away by the heavy instrument infused production of the epic track, "Skippin". The song is so breathtaking and extremely relative. Gabriele Saro mentioned that it was a collaboration with Yves Agbessi and Francesco SIliotto.  I thought the mixing and mastering on this Single was delightful and the mixture of sounds in the production made this track unique and well polished!  When it comes to subject matter “Skippin” is a familiar topic but graces us in the art of song arrangement.  

Truthfully we all have heard songs that stamp a time period like a brand on a cow.  What makes it hard at times is when songs remind you of a love interest that your no longer interested in.  Once represented by love these songs where so blissful, now they are a nuisance leading to the song title Skippin

If I had to rate this song a scale of 1 to 10 it would get a 10!
The remarkable vocal range and smooth transitions made this track a joyful experience.  If you want to hear some of his awesome talent visit his website at