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Breaking News: Khia Insulted by Trina's "Animals" Comment

Trina VS. Khia Instagram Battle | Bossip

Khia then cases "there ain't no returning this time" after hearing the comments of one Trina in which Khia has been having multiple ocassions of social media tirades bickering and beef over subsequent years both online and offline as the two female rap artists have been trading bars back and forth.

She proceeds, "You are being accused of being an imbecilic bitch, talking poop and attempting to apologize for it, awkwardly diving simply like your profession. Which means each word you said then lying and attempting to take it back. Perusing an inadequately composed statement of regret, being haughty, fanciful, triffling, skeeted up prostitute with a low IQ thinking everyone is underneath you." 

Decent, it just gets progressively ridiculous from that point. In spite of the fact that Khia and Trina have been long-lasting foes, it increase a month ago when Trina would not confront Khia in a potential Verzuz Instagram Live fight. 

"I'm a sovereign; this is brought sovereignty here," she expressed during a scene of her 99 Jamz appear. "I'm not venturing off my seat to address no bum, no chicks that are underneath me and no one that hasn't filled in as hard as I worked for anything. 

"So when you young ladies or whatever you wannabe are calling my name, you wanna fight me, you wanna do this — most importantly, ensure you have 10 hits. Ensure you have enough records. Ensure you're on my level in the event that you think you wanna go head to head with me 'cause you can't. How about we make that understood."

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