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Breaking News: Russell Simmons Demands Accountability for Police

Russell Simmons issues statement supporting #MeToo despite sexual ...

Like such a significant number of others in the Hip Hop people group, Russell Simmons is taking a stand in opposition to the ongoing police executing of George Floyd. In the wake of the 46-year-old's homicide, the Def Jam Recordings prime supporter laid out seven plans to assist stop with undermining law implementation officials from executing another dark individual. 

Simmons shared the diagram — titled "What the Hip Hop Community Demands! — again through Instagram throughout the end of the week, which incorporates considering police responsible, doling out examiners who are "not obligated to the police associations to arraign, indict and convict grimy cops" and social affection preparing. 

He wrote in the subtitle, "I can't get a full accord since the network is so huge But we would all be able to concur we need police responsibility. I have been battling police mercilessness for 30 or more years since screw the police !!! Same issue again and again PROSECUTORS!!! 

"We need autonomous examiners I'm getting support from numerous Congressman and ladies and hip jumps most remarkable voices … I need investigators separate from and liberated from police control… Every time a police officer is accounted for any offense it goes to an alternate free investigators office SIMPLE."

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