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Music Review “Stuntin' For Da Money” - J Rice Ft. AA Grand

  Music Review “Stuntin' For Da Money” - J Rice Ft. AA Grand By Yami Cabrera [English] The month of August began with the promotion of a new song by the musician and entrepreneur, Rice. The new production was released on July 31st under the name “Stuntin 'For Da Money.” The single features the collaboration of young rapper AA Grand, and was produced by the record label Hustle Work Grind Records. We recently heard the force of Rice on his previous release, "Big Dreams." With this new song, the artist seems to continue demonstrating his dedication to the struggles against social injustice. His artistic world remains focused on a plot of protest, but without leaving the socio-expressive essence of Hip Hop and urban music in general. "Stuntin 'For Da Money" is the faithful example of the artistic concept championed by Rice and his colleague AA Grand. However, the single is much stronger than previous productions. The sonic experimentation of the instrumental

Music Review “Mama Mama I Can't Breathe” - Kerry W Clancy

Music Review “Mama Mama I Can't Breathe” - Kerry W Clancy By Yami Cabrera [English] The Ft Wayne Indiana-born Kerry W Clancy recently released the single “Mama Mama I Can't Breathe.” Clancy is a teacher and Singer/Songwriter currently based in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana who is also a member of KAPPA ALPHA PSI. Kerry's music has been directly inspired by the struggles against racism and injustices in America, especially from his experience as a guest’s professor at the Indianapolis School System. Hence, the theme exposed in “Mama Mama I Can't Breathe,” the song describes the tragic story of George Floyd´s murder. "Mama Mama I Can't Breathe" has an attractive musical combination. The track combines a very interesting mix of Hip Hop with Afro-Caribbean sounds. Clancy's melody and vocal projection is very close to the sound of Reggae. The bass and guitar groove offer you a pleasant sound environment, as well as the synthesizer’s element

Music Review “Big Dreams”- Rice By Yami Cabrera

Music Review “Big Dreams”- Rice  By Yami Cabrera [English] The m ulti-faceted artist  Jerard   Rice  aka Rice is promoting his latest production “Big Dreams”. Rice is a rapper and music entrepreneur, co-founder and collaborator of the Hustle Work Grind Records label with his brother M- Ezy , who has decided to release his first two songs in 2020. “Big dreams” has a catchy and attractive groove, a mix of  a classic Hip Hop sound with a very peculiar modern air. The lyrics are direct and revealing; close to the social context that characterizes North American urban music. The song also has an audiovisual accompaniment with the collaboration of other artists  from  the urban music scene such as IDK, Cheese, The Royal Highness, and J- Muzique . The  videographic  sample is very illustrative and perfectly portrays the content of the song. The video reflects clear actions linked to illegal sales, drugs, as well as injustices against African American youth. In addition, Rice