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Todd Barrow - Girl Like You(Review)


"Girl Like You" is a twangy country album by southern artist Todd Barrow with a message to the masses. The singer and songwriter from Texas is sure to explode on the country music charts with this hit single for fans of artists such as Hank Williams and Garth Brooks. From the guitar driven into to the outro, "Girl Like you" demonstrates Barrow's true talent to explore lyrical wordplay and musical mastering. 
"Girl Like You" is an anthem of finding new love in a new world. Musical interludes and Todd Barrow's unique voce make this song a great example of finding hope in the universe. Lines such as "happiness feels like home" creates an upbeat track that can be played at weddings and anniversaries. 
"Girl Like You" defies the norm of country music to include a meaningful message of togetherness and a relationship that defies the odds. No matter where you are in the world, this song is sure to bring a smile on your face and ease any sadness while reminding you how important it is to stay with your loved ones. Todd Barrow delivers an excellent anthem that will touch hearts and keep the crowd dancing!
- Evangeline W., Music Reviewer


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