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GEM is to headline the Los Angeles Power Women Summit in December, bringing this new style of medical-music to the masses. She has been able to make use of her time in isolation: perfecting her EP, creating a YouTube channel and working on a plethora of collaborations with other global artists.
The new single, If I’m Honest, is arguably the first of its kind. It has been specifically produced in the key of B. The musical note B is associated with the crown chakra, the 7th chakras in the Buddhist tantric system. Buddhists believe that by listening to music in this key, corresponding to the crown chakra, it can heal and awaken the listener, helping to release stored negative energy and energetic blockages in the body.



How long have you been doing music and where you find the inspiration?

Music has always been a part of my life, although being visible in the producers chair has been a natural progression over the past 4 years. Releasing my own original music is new this year! 
I am constantly inspired by the universe and all her magic. 

What city do you come from and what's it like back home when you were growing up; do you have family members that were musicians as well?
I grew up on a farm in a place called Mandalong, which is country Australia. There were way more animals than humans! It was a lovely place to grow up. I have a very creative family, lots of musicians. Music has always been at the heart of us.

How did the opportunity to headline the Los Angeles Power Woman Summit arrive?  How exciting is a big event like this?

I am beyond excited to do a set at the power summit and to have my new single If Im Honest featured over the 3 day event. It is very exciting to be infant of high level women from entertainment and technology industries. 

So tell me about this new EP you created; do you have a favorite track or tracks that stand out in this project?

The EP is very special because it is my first original project, it’s always so nerve racking releasing your own music. Like letting little babies out into the world. 
It is very authentic to where I am right now and I feel it incorporates a lot of elements of my personality and life, including the spiritual side which I am excited to bring to the forefront. I have weaved this into the EP through alternate tunings and intentions. 
I believe that intention + frequency = healing and I have really embedded that into the core of this project. 
So as an example, this new song - recorded in B most closely aligned with the crown chakra (the one in your head/ or called the 7th centre) it is used for connecting to the spiritual relm, so you need to surrender and allow yourself to have deep realisations. 
I don’t have a favourite track, they each activate a certain wellness element and are important as a whole.

How did you get introduced to Serge Courtois and Dale Becker?

Both were recommended through networks in LA, I am very honoured to work with them. Huge talents and they bring so much to the project.

Where do you see yourself going in the next 5 to 10 years in the music industry?

I would love to continue working on my own original music and really grow that brand where I could have major guest artists. Collaborate on projects that are close to my heart and continue to blend new age properties into a more modern style of music. Creating a new genre under the new age banner. 

Tell me some ways that Covid-19 has affected your music career; being a electronic beat producer/DJ, do you believe in traditional or innovative?

Covid has been tricky, obviously all gigs were cancelled. I was in Melbourne at the formula 1 ready to perform the after party and was cancelled when I was in the hotel prepping my set 
On the other hand, it has given me the time to really sit alone in the studio and work on my original sound- bring you this new music. 
I miss the collaborations in LA, and look forward to seeing everyone again. 

If you could be doing anything else, what would it be?

I am where I belong right now, doing what I love.. I couldn’t imagine dong anything other than music.

Any last remarks?

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