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Michael Coleman Is back with another Anthem!



Michael Coleman, where are you from and what's it like in your hometown and how did you get the nickname "The Metropolitan Cowboy"?


I was actually born and raised in San Diego, California.  San Diego is just an awesome town although like everywhere else in California, it costs a fortune to live there.  My nickname, “The Metropolitan Cowboy” actually comes from a television project I was doing a few year’s back. I wrote and produced an adult-oriented sketch comedy show and since I was always dressed with a cowboy hat on and looked metrosexual we decided that should be the name of the show and my brand and I have been called that ever since.


How long have you been songwriting and where do you find the inspiration?


I’ve been writing since I was a kid, however I didn’t decide to take it seriously until I had a milestone birthday, I won’t tell you which one and it was shortly after that milestone birthday that See Your Shadow was created.


What is it like to be the Artistic Director of See Your Shadow Songwriting, is it tough shoes to fill?


Oh yes indeed because you are managing so many different moving pieces and parts and still trying to create as well.  I tell my friends I work so much that I literally work in my sleep and that is the truth.  With that said however, I wouldn’t have it any other way because I love to create and that is my passion.


In country music, do you like the new innovative sound or more traditional? Please explain


I like the stuff I grew up with or the more traditional stuff.  Every now and then one of the newer pieces catch my attention, but what is missing in the newer stuff is the emotion that makes country listeners feel.  I think that is why we were so successful with “I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello” because although it was a modern arrangement, it still packed the one two punch of emotion people were hungry for.

I know you're more than just a songwriter, you also do film making production and photography, give some details of a typical day of creation with Michael Coleman?


I am an early riser as I deal a lot with people on the east coast and internationally.  No day is really typical it all just depends on what we have going on at the time.  For example, early in the year before COVID hit we were producing our game show, “Are You Worth a Rug Bun?” which was going to be the mainstay for our newly launched television station and that was in addition to running See Your Shadow, so a typical day was me holding auditions, writing the copy for the game show, shopping for props, rehearsing, etc.

What's it like being an international artist; are the fans highly engaged?


It actually is really cool.  When I look at our distribution reports and where our records are trending it is satisfying to know that we have fans all over the world, plus many times international audiences show more love to independents than American audiences.  

Did you ever think that country music was popular in places like South Africa; what was the feeling when you first climbed the charts?


That took me totally by surprise.  I had no idea we were even trending there, my publicist had to tell me we were number 1 with “I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello” and then when we hit number 1 the second time with our follow up, “My Worth” that was just incredible.  Now, we are going for the trifecta with “Christmas on Cellblock 9”.


If you could be doing anything else, what would it be?


Oh what a good question as I have done practically everything I have wanted to do jobwise, but on my bucket list is to hold public office.  


Any Last Remarks?


In a year that has been tough on so many and that has been full of so much heartache.  I hope we are able to bring a smile to people’s faces with the latest record, “Christmas on Cellblock 9” 


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