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Lifestyle and Art of PJ PRODUCTIONZ



Read our interview with him below!

How was your upbringing in Tracy, Ca?

   overall I had some good and bad childhood life growing up. I have 3 brothers 2 sisters grown and got they own place I don’t have to share lol.I’ve been bullied & sexually harassed online when I was in elementary, kindergarten & high school. when I was in middle school, and high school music was my outlet so that helped my social life a little bit I was also apart of the Tracy honor band as well as San Joaquin county honor band as a percussionist.My parents wanted me to go to the boys & girls club during the summer to help me socialize more with people and make some new friends to hangout with cuz I’m a lil introverted. When I turned 18 I was diagnosed with autism at a high level and also have a intellectual disability because of the seizures I was having when I was younger. Towards the end of 2018 in November me & my parents have been homeless for a year and a half, our first night we slept in Cars that night, then we found a hotel the next day to stay in for a little bit cuz I was working at the 99 cents store still in Tracy to help my family so I couldn’t make any music for a bit and as well as going to San Joaquin delta college at the time. Then February 2020 we’ve been blessed with an apartment to help get back on our feet. Back in 2016 sophomore year in high school I had a tragic accident at PE playing wallball the ball came to me I missed the catch I took off running to the wall to touch so I won’t get out I took off too fast & I tripped on a uneven concrete went head first into the wall & I was unconscious for a few minutes. When I woke up my left wrist was hurting really bad & i went to the hospital to get it check it out it was broken into 2 places & had to get stitches in my right eyebrow. I was inspired to make music at 8 years old when I auditioned to play drums in the church that I grew up in. Some of my favorite producers are Swizz Beatz, Lil  jon, DJ Khaled, Dr.Dre ,Timbaland & Scott storch Some of the things that did  accomplished in life is getting good grades in school & graduating high school with a diploma and earning honor rolls. My parents would always treat me every Friday for all my hard work I’ve done like they’ll take me to McDonald’s to get something to eat then they’ll take me to the arcade in the mall or we’ll shop & that shows them that they’re proud of what I’m doing 

What is like to have blended hip hop and gospel genres together?  

So tell us about the "Let it Rock" single and what is the inspiration of this track? 
Spiritual warfare, hate against the enemy 

Give us some detail about the creative process of PJ

So I’m using PJ because that’s my nickname and when I was a Kid my Parents called me Jr because me and my dad have the same name his name is Purcell Sr so my mom calls him Purcell Sr And my parents would call me Jr. when I got to about 18 I told my mom to call me PJ now cuz I felt like Jr was childish lol and I was like I should use that to tag my beats and that’s how I came up with it. 

 Who are some of your favorite artist and why?

   I don’t have a specific artist, I listen to a lot of mainstream hip hop,& Rnb as well as Christian Rap 

How has Covid-19 affected your music career lately?
Since COVID-19 hit I never thought I would have to face something like this in my life but I’m great full that I’m still here as well as my family even though I lost some family members in the past but not due to COVID it was other health issues going on and people are dying from it but I can’t control it Since it started I’ve just been making & selling beats, going to college, getting my life together and staying out of trouble 

If you could do anything else in live what would it be?

If I could do anything else in life It would be traveling. I love to travel, see & going to do different things.

Any last remarks?

last remark would be is to follow your dreams get that education cuz nobody can take that away from you. Also have confidence, have faith in god, and believe in yourself and be yourself don’t be like no one else cuz you won’t go far in life let the haters hate. 




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