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Superstar, a man of music, honesty and integrity! #FlyahExclusive Interview


Being from Greenville South Carolina, what are some of the major artists and sounds that influence you during your upbringing? 

Even though I’m from the south I’ve been more influenced by up north rappers, such as Jay-Z, Biggie, & Kanye. But I am a big fan of T.I., Jeezy, & LeCrae. 

I'm not familiar with Greenville, can you tell me about your town/city and some of the things you remember during your childhood? 

We are a fast growing city. Honestly growing up this was one of the most boring places to be, lol. Now with all the talent the city is cultivating it’s literally one of the most exciting places to be. I can’t wait to see us in the next 5 years.

My father is also a drummer and I am a producer, can you explain who taught you to play the drums/make music and does it run in the family? 

I grew up watching my father play the drums, he never taught be but I watched him enough until I just picked up the sticks & started playing. Yes music runs all through my family on my mom & dad side. A have a lot a family that can literally do everything from singing, rapping, & playing instruments.

I understand you went to college, can you tell me the school you went to and what was the experience like? 

I went to Spartanburg Methodist College, in Spartanburg, SC. Man I was young & wild, probably why I flunked out. We’ll just leave it at that for now. Lol, but overall it was a good experience I learned a lot about myself there.

Why do you think you lost interest in basketball while in school and what made you transition to rap? 

Honestly, I’ve always loved music more than basketball. I played basketball growing up because I thought I would be accepted by my family because I followed in their footsteps & plus hip-hop wasn’t accepted in our house growing up. 

Where did you receive the inspiration for your music label, P. O. E. M.? 

I actually the idea of P.O.E.M., A2O came to me after I flunked out of college. I was tired of trying to live up to who everybody else thought I should be & I started something for myself. I got tired of letting my circumstances determine who I was or what I did, so I came up with Product Of Evironment Mine, Adapt 2 Overcome. I don’t have to succumb to what’s going on around me. My only job is to stay down, til I come up. 

Can you give me some insight on your album Unleashed and the creative process behind it? 

Man that was my first album, & honestly now I’m ashamed of it, lol. I was so inexperienced as an artist & person then. I just wanted to hit the ground running. Just make an album, put it out, & blow up. But as we all know that’s not how it happens. But again, like college I learned a lot from that album about myself & the music process. So while I don’t like the music I made from that album I do love the wisdom I gained from it.

Being a senior pastor for your church, what are some of the obstacles that cross your path by having such responsibility? 

 I wouldn’t call it an obstacle but more of a challenge is making sure that I’m always doing things in the interest of the people & not myself. I think people get the role of a pastor misunderstood. My job is to serve the people I shepherd not manipulate them to do my biding. I have two goals as a pastor, 1. Lead people to a closer relationship with Christ, 2. Inspire people to be the best version of themselves. 

If you retired from rap music, would pastoring be a full time thing for you? 

To be honest I’m trying to find a way to creatively connect the 2. People always assume since I’m a pastor that I’m a gospel rapper, but that’s not what I consider myself. I’m human just like everybody else & I have issues that I’m dealing with & I use rap to express those feelings & those feelings are not always in a gospel way. Now understand I don’t use profanity in my music but i do talk about real issues in a real way & I do it in a free way. 

How has COVID 19 effected you and your career?
 I won’t lie it has slow us down a bit. Before COVID we were doing live shows on a regular getting our name & brand out there but then the shut down happened. Again although that was tough I learned more about the music industry & myself so now I’ve started doing a lot more online promo with radios, blogs, & magazines in hopes that by the time everything opens back up we have enough of a fan base to hit the ground running.

What are your future plans for music and life? 
Right now my plan is to keep releasing singles then shoot music videos to the singles one by one. I have an idea for my music videos I’m keeping to myself at the moment. But trust me there will be music videos to my singles soon enough. 

any last remarks
I just want to say to all the artist & entrepreneurs out there grinding keep going don’t quit for nothing or no one. Also quick plug right quick make sure to check out my website, it has all of my music on there, my YouTube channel with my show entitled The Sit Down where I break down the vision behind each one of my singles, & my site has tons of merch on it. Thank you all for the love & support. God bless


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